The Knitter

The Knitter
Available in standard size giclees up to 18"x24". I chose to do this Bougeureau study because I love to knit!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Big projects finally finished!

I have been working on two wedding portraits. One, the Jacobs', was not too difficult because the references I had were good pictures to begin with. The other one, the Buckner portrait, was a challenge. The original wedding photo was poorly lit and damaged. So, I used a couple of different pictures of Bobbie in order to complete the painting. I guess back in the 1930's wedding photography was not what it is today! I am grateful, however, that someone (we don't know who) thought to take a snapshot of them at all! It's wonderful to think of them at this young age when they started a family. I hope the many family members that are fortunate enough to claim a branch on their family trees, will love these paintings.

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